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Get your share of the billion pound self help fitness market, start today, say good bye to your boss within 6 months if you take action!

Purchasing this set of DVDs gives you legal right to duplicate and resell these DVDs for 100% of your own profit. You can duplicate these DVDs and sell them in your own way.

These DVDs cover very popular niches both with millions of potential customers ready to get their wallets out and hand you cash! You now have the freedom to duplicate these DVDs from your very own master copies and make huge profits from any of your creative forms of selling.

A great bonus is that you are not only selling some of the most popular self-improvement products on the market today, but you are selling products that will work effectively for your customers.


Some Ideas For Use Of These DVDs

  • Make Money Selling These CDs On Your Website
  • Use These DVDs As An Incentive To Order Your Own Product
  • Make Money Selling These DVDs On Ebay
  • Make Money Selling These DVDs To Your Network Of Friends
  • Make Money Selling These DVDs At Flea Markets/Car Boot Sales
  • Make Money Selling These DVDs On Your College Campus
  • Use These DVDs As Gifts To Your Customers And Clients
  • Use These DVDs As An Incentive For Employee Performance

Incredible Opportunity


By now, you may see the incredible opportunity that is in front of you and you may want to join our excitement in providing DVD products world wide to help people achieve success in reaching their goals.

These evergreen DVD Resell rights products will bring you earnings for years to come instead of for a few weeks, while a particular product is trending or in fashion. The beauty about selling these types of products is that when the sale is completed, you get the full amount for the DVD paid direct into your account.

Once you have a set of master DVDs, you can label the DVDs with any design you wish. Then you are ready to start making money.

This is the kind of money that you can make selling This DVD Set at a £14.95 retail price.
# Basics Sold/Day  Monthly Income  Yearly Income
1 £448.50 £5456.75
2 £897.00 £10,913.50
3 £1345.50 £16146.00
5 £2242.5 £26910.00


 Massive Profits

It costs just pence to produce one DVD! 15p for the DVD, 2p for a sleeve, if you want to put them in DVD style cases then add 10p. So you can see your profits are massive compared to a traditional 30% business mark-up.

 Here is what you get in your Resale Rights Licence Package:

 3 Master DVDs Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced + 1 Resell Rights- Duplication License

 Here is what you will receive:
  • Your Full Resale License Certificate, with your name on it; giving you legal ‘rights’ that allow you to reproduce this product as many times as you want and keep 100% of the Profits! (License may be required if trading standards decide to do a ‘spot check’)
  • Your professionally developed Master DVDs, which again, you can copy as many times as you like!
  • 24 hour email support – including support concerning the development of your ‘back-end’ products
  • The ability to re-brand the packaging and sell as a unique product




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